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August 4
2:18 PM EST

“This is Cat Grant reporting for GBS News from Metropolis where the city is under attack from the super villain known as Parasite.” Cat turned away from the camera gesturing to the scene behind her. A red car was lying on its top, smoke pouring from the under carriage. Water was leaking onto the street from a broke fire hydrant, fallen street lights criss-crossing the roads and sidewalks. “With Superman nowhere in sight, he seems to be unstoppable, sapping the powers and energy of everyone who gets close enough.” As the camera zoomed in on the field of drained officers Cat stepped back out of the frame. “Are you getting all of this Jimmy?” She whispered in a demanding tone.
“Yes.” Jimmy groaned from behind the camera. “I don’t know why Lois said I would do this. My job is pictures not film.”
“No one else will get this close to the action with me.” Cat said excitedly. Jimmy rolled his eyes, but of course she didn’t see. He focused on what he was seeing through the camera. A massive wave of water moved seemingly of its own accord across the scene; as the cascade moved, Aqualad came into view. He had been sending the torrent of water at Parasite, but he had already moved to the side, throwing a punch into the Atlantean’s stomach, simultaneously draining the last of his energy and sending him flying across the battle field. He collided with the now empty fountain, cracking the head off the statue at its center before falling to the ground.
“Where is Superman? These kids are getting themselves killed out there.”
The view was clouded for a few moments as a handful of smoke pellets exploded. When the smoke cleared Parasite was laughing, holding Robin by his throat. He struggled wildly until Parasite had sapped the strength from his body. 
“Let’s get closer.” Cat said pulling on his arm.
“No! We’ll get killed!”
“We need audio!” Cat dragged him forward insistently.
“You’re as bad as Lois!”
“Shut up and film Jimmy!” 
Jimmy sighed and looked back through the camera. The scene unfolding before them was getting worse by the moment. All around them Metropolis Police officers littered the ground. They could do little more than lie there blinking with the occasional weak grown passing their lips; Parasite had sapped the strength from nearly the entire department. With their combined power he had managed to overturn cars, crack the corners of buildings and sidewalks, and leave a path of destruction behind him as he moved through the city.
“We really shouldn’t be here.” Jimmy said quietly, still looking through the camera. 
“Shh! You’ll ruin the film!”
“Robin!” Wonder Girl yelled and leaped forward catching the barely conscious boy before he hit the ground. She knelt on the patch of grass that passed for a park in the city and laid him down gently; Aqualad was lying nearby, the Atlantean already trying unsuccessfully to get back to his feet. She looked back up at Parasite, her light blue eyes narrowed in a scowl at him. He just looked back at her with a knowing smile.
“It appears even you heroes are slaves to your teenage whims.” He said with a dark laugh walking down the front of the car he stood on. The hood bent under his weight, steam from the ruined engine billowing out from the cracks in the metal.
Wonder Girl let out an enraged battle cry and flew at Parasite with both fists out, aiming for his head. She jerked to a stop as he wrapped a hand around each of her wrists. Her braclets protected her from being drained, but even as she struggled, she knew he was already too strong for her to manage. Letting go of one wrist and holding her away from him, Parasite placed a hand on her cheek. 
“Agh!” Wonder Girl screamed feeling her energy sapping away. “Let go!”
“Wonder Woman could have put up a better fight. I’m rather tired of the League sending their sidekicks to do their job. I have no business with children.”
“Stop calling us children!” Superboy’s angry yell was punctuated by a quick powerful punch that landed squarely on Parasite’s jaw. Parasite blinked at him, a smirk unfolding across his mouth. 
“Still delicious.” He released Wondergril and she crumpled to the ground. She tried to stand, but just fell back to her hands and knees. She lifted her head just enough to see Superboy sending a stream of continuous punches into Parasite that would have crumbled anyone else; despite his effort each time he made contact, he only succeeded in feeding more of his power into the villain. “Kryptonian is still my favorite, even if it is just half.” Parasite said in a mocking voice. He caught each of the next two punches in his hands now holding Superboy captive as he drained away the rest of his strength; slowly he forced the clone to his knees.
“No…” Wonder Girl leaned against the fallen statue next to her, using it to support her weight as she tried to stand again. 
Parasite’s voracious laughter echoed around the ruined street until it was caught off abruptly, drowned out by the sound of raging wind. Wonder Girl forced her gaze up once more and caught sight of a blue blur whipping past. Where Superboy had been kneeling just moments before, only empty sidewalk remained. Parasite was locked in position, his head thrown back with laughter, arms outstretched to the now absent Superboy; he was frozen solid, a windswept block of ice surrounding him.
“What in the name of Hera-” Wonder Girl gasped and Superboy suddenly appeared next to her, a pair of bright red boots standing out against the grass next to him. “Superman?” But superman’s feet weren’t that small. She looked up, straight into the face of a girl.
“I’ve got a plan, but I need your help.” Her voice was gentle, but commanding. All Wonder Girl could do was blink. The girl standing over her was dressed in a bright blue skirt that was almost too short, a cropped top baring her midrift, and a long red cape whipped in the breeze behind her. She was the spitting image of a female Superman, complete with the S emblazed on her chest. Her hands were on her hips, red fingerless gloves tight over her fists. “I need you to trust me.”
Wonder Girl just blinked again, dumfounded. A thunderous cracking cut off her thoughts; she jerked her head to the side to see the frozen Parasite breaking free of his icy bonds. The other girl flew up and out straight at the villain, shoving him back into a building using what was left of the ice as a shield.
“You can trust her. Just help her.” Superboy said rolling over to his stomach. He pressed his hands into the ground trying to sit up. “Her name is Kara.”
“Who-” Wonder Girl started to ask, but Superboy cut her off with a surprisingly angry glare.
“Just help her!” He growled. Wonder Girl gulped and nodded, pulling herself to a stand and somewhat shaky legs. 
Kara was hovering over Parasite as he got to his feet shaking chucks of ice from his body. Her face broke into a wide smile. “Thank you!” She called out.
“What is this? Another Kryptonian? My lucky day.” Parasite laughed, his own smile more of an evil grin that was suddenly hidden by shocking red material. Kara had her arms clasped around the villain, her cape protecting her from his draining powers. If the situation hadn’t been so dire, the crimson covered villain’s attempts at freeing himself would have been almost comical; the way he was now draped in Kara’s cape made him look like a red ghost.
“Tie him up!” She shouted. Her eyes were squeezed shut as she focused on her grip. Parasite was straining against the girl. “Hurry!”
“That’s the plan!?” Wonder Girl exclaimed as she took the lasso from her belt. Unable to muster the energy to fly, she half ran half stumbled over to the pair. She slipped the looped rope over Parasite and ran around him, pulling it as tight as she could. “I think I’ve got him.”
Ever so slowly, Kara relaxed her grip. Parasite was making unintelligible noises of rage, slightly muffled by the cape. She floated back to the ground, landing lightly. “So…now what?” She asked quietly.
“You go back to the Watchtower.” Superboy had managed to stumble over to them. “You need to get out of here before someone sees you Kara.”
“But-” Once again Superboy’s look was silencing. Kara just nodded and took to the air again, flying away into the clouds without glancing back. A thought struck Wonder Girl’s mind as she flew away.
“Somehow the flying thing looks weird without the cape on.” Superboy just glared at her again.
“Did you get all of that, Jimmy?” Cat asked peaking over a hedge in the park. Her suit was covered in dust and debris. Jimmy had dirt smeared from head to toe. All he could do was nod as he followed the mysterious girl with the camera. 

Written by supernaturalwolfgirl and Darksuperboy

Part 2 >>> [link]
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Flipping out!!!
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great episode :D
i lvoe the introduction of supergirl she is such a cool character
YJ-Revolution Featured By Owner May 23, 2013
Thank you. :D
NightArsenal Featured By Owner May 5, 2013   Filmographer
that was awsome other than the fact that we could only read the episode
DashingNiNjAmonster Featured By Owner May 5, 2013
Yeah I really wisht they were actual episodes!
DashingNiNjAmonster Featured By Owner May 5, 2013
but the story is good!
NightArsenal Featured By Owner May 5, 2013   Filmographer
yes it is i can't wait for the next episode, and to see what they do to progress the story with supergirl and if they will add more members of the teen titans to the show like raven or Cyborg
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